Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garden Progress

Because it's an unseasonably warm March, our garden has exploded much earlier than normal.  We've got more growing now than in April of last year. 

The forsythia bushes are gorgeous.
Similarly, the helleborus is all in bloom.

I have hyacinths that I didn't even know existed just in front of our coldframe.

 My roses have new growth all over the place.

*B* bought me a very little lilac for a bare spot along our fence.  I hope this little guy makes it.

Our clover cover crop has really sprung up.

*B* bought some arugula plants the other day from Southern States.  While I'm not a fan, he will definitely eat them.

The rhubarb is just taking off.  We have two plants this year - I need to find recipes quick!

Even the garlic that I was worried about a few weeks ago has grown much sturdier.


I tend to collect mint plants.  Right now we've got peppermint, chocolate mint, variegated mint, and pineapple mint.  I need to repot the chocolate and variegated mints.  I didn't actually expect the peppermint to survive - *B* ripped it out of the front bed last fall.  We threw a couple of roots that we found this spring into a pot, and they're already sending up leaves.  We will have quite the mint harvest this year!

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  1. Here's a couple of recipes for Rhubarb - I haven't tried them but I might just have to try them soon...

    Cheers - Joolz