Saturday, September 15, 2012

Starting Over

One of the projects I've been working on is making a cookbook of family recipes and recipes that we enjoy.  A lot of times I email my mom or grandmother asking for them, and I wanted to have them all in one place.  I started this project two years or so ago.  In that time, I've owned four computers, three external hard drives, and an unknown number of thumb drives.  My cookbook was lost :o(

For a long time I'd keep searching the same drives over and over again.  But I'm now bucking up and starting over.  This time, I'm using Google Drive to keep the information.  That way, at least the recipes are accessible, even if the pictures aren't.

How do you keep track of your favorite family recipes?

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  1. I'm doing it two ways right now: I have a blog where I enter them in (but it's broken and not searchable, grr), and I keep them in a big binder. I need to redo my binder—the pages are falling out and I have a huge stack of recipes in my kitchen that I need to incorporate.