Sunday, October 5, 2014

Frugal Accomplishments - September 29th through October 5th

-We made it through the month of September having spent only $5 on food consumed outside of home.  In August, we spent $214.

-I finished our accounting for the month of September and we discussed where we can make further cuts so
that we can continue for me to stay home.

-To clean out our fridge, I made "garbage soup" out of pot roast drippings, homemade beef stock, pasta, frozen leftover kidney beans, and leftover green peas.  Garbage soup is always random leftovers, but rarely tastes bad :o)

-Mr. B helped a local woman get rid of a pile of debris by bringing it to our house.  He got an 8 foot 2x4, six lawn refuse bags full of yard waste, and a large pile of wood to use for a fire in our chiminea.

-I picked up two more tutoring students to help pay bills.

-I made ketchup and Mr. B then made cocktail sauce to go with fish and chips for dinner.

-Mr. B made a pepper jack like cheese tonight.  Out of the whey, I made ricotta, then soaked some black beans in whey leftover from the ricotta.  $3.95 plus existing ingredients got us 12.5 oz cheese, about 1 cup of ricotta, and a ton of leftover whey.

-Mr. B's company had a catered lunch (Chipotle) with a lot left over, so he brought home a large bowl of carnitas and guacamole for us to eat for dinner.

-Mr. B gathered some wood from a local park to make borders in our garden to better define the beds.

-We helped an acquaintance dig out her sweet potatoes.  In return, we got 1/4 bushel of sweet potatoes, a massive amount of fresh parsley, a huge bunch of rosemary, and two grocery bags full of apples.

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  1. Way to go with your food budget! I wish you lived near so you could come harvest our garden. I hate that it's going to waste, but I'm just too tired and pregnant to do much out there.