Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - An Overview

  • I got engaged!
  • My baby cat went to the vet after eating netting off of a turkey roast
  • We picked a wedding venue
  • I got the worst case of the flu of my life
  • I lived through Snowpocalypse, which yielded 73 inches of snow in less than two weeks
  • I found my wedding dress
  • I started my very first garden seedlings (not chia pet seedlings)
  • My brother made us a cat tree
  • We built our raised bed garden
  • All my mysterious plants were identified (with much help from you all)
  • We got a dog
  • Our basement flooded (again)
  • We went to DC
  • I had my first and only article published on another blog
  • I learned to identify birds
  • I dug dandelions
  • Our dog ate a whole baked chicken carcass
  • I took my second trip to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation headquarters
  • Our garden really took off
  • I started working our genealogy
  • We went to a party at a friend's farm
  • We got a hamster that was part of a senior prank
  • Our dog tried to eat the hamster
  • I had my first bloggerversary
  • We saw Prairie Home Companion live
  • We picked a honeymoon
  • I went on a life-changing mission trip to Camden, NJ
  • We kayaked on the Shenandoah River
  • I started working two jobs at a time
  • We had an earthquake for the first time that I can remember
  • *B* and I had our first real disagreement
  • We started marriage preparations
  • We drove 16 hours to Indiana, while taking a detour through Michigan
  • *B* married friends of mine
  • I started freaking out about the wedding
  • School started again
  • I finished therapy!
  • I watched a freshman administer first aid to a fellow classmate during a fire drill
  • *B* and I started RCIA
  • I found the most perfect white bread recipe
  • My stress levels started to be difficult to deal with
  • We had to give away our dog after she literally tried to eat our kitten
  • I made and canned tons of applesauce and apple butter
  • I was given a gorgeous Renn Fest dress for my birthday early
  • I decided not to let stress get me down
  • We made wedding favors over Thanksgiving break
  • I turned 25
  • I got married!
  • My husband and I took a cruise for the first time in either of our lives
  • We visited four foreign countries together on our honeymoon