Friday, January 14, 2011


I am procrastinating hard-core right now. I have a number of things that must be done, and done soon, so that I can get my life back in order.

Item 1 - Getting my driver's license changed to get everything else changed
I hate going to the DMV. It takes forever, and they're only open to 4:30 from Monday through Friday. Because they close so early, and there are no centers near me, I have one hour to get from my school to the closest center and through the line. When I have off of school, the DMV is closed for a holiday. I cannot afford to take a day off of work. I tried going yesterday when I had to tutor after school, and forgot my social security card.  This better not be an omen.

Because I don't have a new license, there are a number of other things I either can't get changed or haven't gotten changed.  I can't change my bank information until I have a license, so I can't order checks yet.  Since I don't really know what name I'm known by in any given system, I also can't change beneficiary-type papers.  They're sitting in a pile on my kitchen table. God forbid anything happen to me in the next month or so.  Poor *B* would be in a world of hurt.

Item 2 - Thank you notes

I have gotten a fair amount of thank you notes done. I only have 14 left to write, but they are the hardest thing to get started. Once I get into it, I can do 8 or so. Getting up the motivation, though, is difficult.

Item 3 - Cleaning my bedroom
Last weekend, *B* and I did a ton of laundry.  So to accommodate, I pulled everything out of my closet and organized the clothes.  For the last 6 days, I've had piles of closet floor-dwelling things all over my bedroom floor.  I'm very tired of walking over, around, and through things when I'm at my sleepiest.  I haven't dusted since who knows when, and the floor hasn't seen a vacuum in at least a couple of weeks.  I must get this done for the sake of my sanity.

Item 4 - Relaxing
Sleep and relaxation are in short supply around here.  What with the three day weekend starting in four and a half hours, this is one thing on which I will not procrastinate any longer.

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