Monday, June 27, 2011

Around the US in 15 Days

Since school let out at the beginning of June, I have been running non-stop.  First, I flew to Oklahoma and spent a week in the southern Oklahoma/northern Texas region.  Being the genius I am, I left my camera at home for that whole week, so *B* has my pictures on his camera.  They'll go up when I get a hold of that card.

A day and a half after flying home from Oklahoma, *B*, my mom, and I went with my in-laws and family friends to Shenandoah.  We go kayaking there the same weekend every year, and I love it.

My mom and I rafted up to get a good picture of the two of us before starting out.

 We couldn't believe that we saw a great blue heron on the river.

 Cows are a common sight near the banks.

 *B* loves investigating the fallen trees on the sides of the river.

 I saw this huge painted turtle on a downed tree.  He (she?) was about the size of a dinner plate.

These ducklings were in the middle of the river with no momma in sight.

 *B* is taking a breather while enjoying the view.

Just like last year, I went straight from Shenandoah to a conference in Tennessee.  I'm learning to use the TI-Nspire, which is an awesome calculator that can do some serious data manipulation and calculation.

AND it's in color!  We're hoping to be able to use them in our school perhaps as soon as this upcoming school year.  Very cool.

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