Monday, June 3, 2013

Preparing for Baby's First Flight

Miss F and I are flying out to Oklahoma to visit a dear friend and her newborn for five days.  I'm very excited, but with a little over twelve hours until we leave, I'm panicking a little bit.  Miss F is sitting in my lap the whole trip, which isn't too bad since it's a one hour flight, a one hour layover, and a two hour flight.  But since she doesn't have her own seat, she's not entitled to her own luggage.  Our airline charges a fee to check baggage that we're unable to afford, so we're packing it all into two bags.  Did I mention that I'm still going to cloth diaper her on the trip?

This is our main luggage.  On the left is every diaper that we own (aside from those in the diaper bag).  That takes up half of the suitcase.  On the right are our clothes (8 outfits for her, 5 for me), toiletries, and a couple of small gifts for the baby.  I'm not overly worried about clothing because my friend is about my size if I run out, and we have access to a washer and dryer.

In our diaper bag, we have four diapers, a wet bag, Lucy the giraffe (a Sophie teether), a book for the baby, a teething pacifier, a banana, three kiwis, three oatmeal pancakes, some water bottles, a sling, and a couple of assorted items.

We checked in online, the passes are 

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  1. It looks like you're well prepared. I hope you have a great trip!