Wednesday, December 30, 2009

People and Things I Love

Beyond the expected boyfriend and family, of course.

I love Garrison Keillor. He makes my heart skip multiple beats. Not in a lusty, gotta have him kind of way, but in a way that makes me want to live in his world. Everything about it feels perfect and beautiful, even when it's sad. I love how he wears red tennis shoes, even when wearing a suit. He makes me think of my favorite professor in college. They're probably about the same age.

His work makes me think of the place I grew up. Yes, I've moved back here, but it's not the same. The fall festival I loved so much has withered into a mere shell of what it once was. The major town here has exploded into a city of yuppies. My gorgeous, independent local coffee shop that supported local artists was obliterated when Starbucks came through town.

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