Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Preparedness for the New Year

For Christmas, I got a solar-powered, crank-powered flashlight/radio/phone charger. I also got 8 cans of peas, partially because of my pantry, and partially because my brother and I expressed an interest in canned peas for holidays since we only had frozen as kids. And for the coup de grace of my preparedness gifts, I got 250 rounds of ammo for my 38. My parents are awesome :o)

Eventually, I'd like to have a rifle, and sell my revolver to get a pistol. But it will be a little while. I'm encouraging *B* to go hunting with his dad again, but I have a hard time eating venison. I don't eat a lot of red meat, and the venison I've had in the past seemed really bloody. *B* is going to have to make it and not tell me what it is for me to eat it. I am open, though, to trying new things.

I think that I'm well on my way to being prepared, but there's a lot more that could be covered. I am planning on buying gamma buckets as soon as I am financially able. Because of Christmas, and our mortgage being a pretty substantial change, it might be a little while.

I was surfing the web today, and came across this Newsweek article on preppers. It seems to me that when my grandparents were younger, the idea of keeping a stocked pantry and money on hand was an ordinary idea. Now, the media makes it out to be a big deal, like 9/11 and Katrina helped create the idea of being prepared. We're just getting back to what we once did as good homemakers and providers for our family.


  1. I find it interesting too that food storage and such seems like such new idea to everyone. It use to be normal for people to stock pantries and root cellars, everyone did it, they had to.

  2. I like that you got some canned peas. I tried some when we were first married and found out why I'd never had them before. Yuck! (Sorry, I hope you like them. I just don't.)

    You're right about keeping a full pantry. I wonder why, when, and how people got out of the habit and started depending so much on the grocery store.

  3. My mom's frozen peas were always really dry and chewy. When I was in college, my grandmother asked my brother and me if there was anything in particular we wanted when we went over for dinner, and we said the peas she makes for Christmas because they were soft and edible. Turns out they were just microwaved canned peas! It's become a bit of a family joke. I like the frozen peas as well.