Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a Surprise!

I got the best Christmas present ever. While it wasn't what I was desperately hoping for, it was very good nonetheless. May I present to you:


My mom, along with my dad and brother, got me a kitten! As you can see, she's a gorgeous tuxedo cat. She's purrfectly symmetrical (I couldn't help myself). She just loves to purr and be cuddled, which is what I do best. Her name, Evie, sounds like the letters E and V. It's a common nickname for Evelyn, and was the main character in V for Vendetta. Wicket is not at all happy with her being in the house though. It will be a long, slow few weeks until they get used to each other. I'm praying for a somewhat quick acquaintance period.

We went to see all of our close family on Christmas Day, but went to *B*'s parents to see extended family yesterday. We ended up sleeping over because it was closer for *B* to get to work. Then, we saw my extended family today. Talk about running around!

To top it off, we went to Ikea tonight to get some pieces of furniture that we really wanted for the house. Yes, we could have lived without them, but I think they complete our rooms.

I am totally beat from all of the running around. I will post much more extensively tomorrow.


  1. Your kitty is so cute. I keep thinking about getting one but don't want another small thing to take care of.

    I love IKEA too. I wish we lived nearer one.

  2. I wasn't going to get one, but she fell into my lap. I was afraid of how Wicket would take her. But now that she's here, I'm really grateful. I didn't get to play with a kitten until Wicket - I was 22 years old. Even if you don't get a small thing now, make sure you get one sometime for your kids. It's something I really missed out on.

    We drive probably about an hour to go to IKEA. We make it a trek, hitting REI while we're down there. IKEA has great, inexpensive food so we spend all day down there.