Thursday, June 3, 2010

Simple Pleasure Thursday

My simple pleasure is buying my wedding dress! A friend and I went to pick out her bridesmaid dress. I picked the bottom and she picked the top. While we were there, I noticed that they were having a sale on all of their dresses. I just HAD to get it then and not wait until August like my mom wanted. We'll be married in six months and two weeks, so it seemed like the right time. It was just perfect all the way around. I tried it on again to see how it'd fit. The dress is gorgeous. I'm still just a tad nervous because the dress I had on was blue and I'm getting red, but we held up a sash in front and it didn't look bad at all. While I was wearing it, my friend "proposed" that I should be her bridesmaid when she gets married next year :o) I'm so excited!

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