Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Do They All Have in Common?

They're pictures of where we'll be for our honeymoon in December!!! We had originally decided to go to New York City. We figured it's Christmas-y. Then, after careful consideration, we realized it will be packed, and that it'd be really nice to go somewhere warm. We just blipped into a travel agency "just to see" what they had to offer. Long story short, we're going on a 7 day cruise to the western Caribbean. We'll be going from Miami to Grand Cayman, to Isla Roatan, to Belize, to Cozumel, Mexico, back to Miami. I'm so excited!!!

The hard part will be paying for excursions. I didn't realize you had to pay for EVERYTHING (including beach access!) on the islands. Crazy, eh? I'll have three different jobs this summer, while getting paid from my school job, so I'm really hoping to be able to save up quite a bit.

Any tips, advice, etc on honeymooning in the Caribbean or cruises in general?


  1. How exciting -- you'll have a wonderful time. I look forward to seeing YOUR holiday photos.

  2. No advice I'm sorry to say...but it sounds divine!!!


  3. Thank you! I'm so excited :o) It's the first time I've looked forward to the wedding for reasons beyond reducing financial stress in a while!