Wednesday, June 27, 2012

42 Weeks

Somehow I knew I wasn't going to have this baby on time.  Today, I am 42 weeks pregnant. 

I've been doing non-stress tests (NSTs) twice a week for the last two weeks.  The baby's done well through all of the NSTs.  I've had to have two ultrasounds - one to determine fluid levels and one to determine size.  As of yesterday, this baby was measuring a whopping 10 lbs 6 oz.  And with the second ultrasound, the fluid level almost cut by half.

My doctor in general is pretty easy going about letting the body go through its natural process.  I have had no real contractions at all.  I had about two hours of non-painful, timeable contractions on Saturday, but as soon as I went to sleep, they disappeared.  Given how far along I am, how big the baby is, and the fluid levels, it's just time for this one to come, ready or not.

So tomorrow I'm being induced.  It really isn't what I was hoping for, but I'm still planning on going pain-med free.  We'll see what happens once I actually get to feel a real contraction though.

Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.


  1. most assuredly I will send lot's of positive thoughts and wishes!

  2. How exciting! Best wishes and blessings for a beautiful birth. You'll be busy but please let us know when you have some news.

    Cheers, Joolz

  3. Good Luck with everything!!!