Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm Ready, But the Baby's Not

As of today I'm 38 weeks and 3 days.  Our nursery is ready, and diapers are prepped.  Our hospital bags are packed and in the car, and car seats are installed.  I've finished my teaching duties, and I'll be out of work as of Wednesday. 

I know that I've still got a week and a half to go, but I'm ready now!  I'm a little nervous about the whole labor process, but I'm itching to get it going.  At every twitch, twinge, and cramp, I wonder is this it?  But it obviously hasn't been.  This is like waiting for Christmas times a million - and I can't even count down for it!


  1. Good luck! Both my kids were late (one was 9 days past my due date), and it is so hard to wait. I think the worst part is everyone asking if you've had that baby yet. Uh, no.

    Sounds like you're all ready! I usually left one thing to the very end—not sure why, but I always got it done shortly before I went into labor.

  2. Tomorrow's my due date, and I can't wait. It's driving me crazy sitting here waiting. I've got nothing left to do, really, so why won't this kid come already?? :o)

  3. Awww, the waiting game! It about drives a girl crazy at the end. I am a long cooker too, I can expect to at least go to my due date, if not over. Just relax and it will come, it always does ;-)