Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finally Over Ants

I was desperate.  Every year, around June, we get ants in our kitchen.  We've tried commercial products, but we didn't like having them near the cats and the baby.  So I ignored them as best as I could and kept the counters clean.  But they were persistent.  I was flicking off of me every time I worked in the kitchen.

Finally, I decided to make my own traps.  I had asked *B* to make some, but he hadn't gotten around to it.  So I googled it, and wouldn't you know, there were tons of recipes.  I used one from Stacy Makes Cents: sugar, water, and a little borax melted together, cooled, and poured into jar lids.  I let the lid sit there for a little bit and nothing happened.  But I accidentally trailed some on the counter, and they came swarming.  I made a long streak for them

This is just a little bit of the ant activity we got yesterday.  You can see the outline of the trails given how the ants are distributed.

And today?  I've had very few ants.  It's not perfect, there are still some wandering around.  But it's no where near as many as I had before.  I'm very happy with the results given that it was made out of things I had lying around the house.

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