Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Project Updates

I've got quite a few projects running, as detailed in the list on the right hand side of the blog.  This is a quick update on their progress.

July - No Groceries (starting 7/7)
Since this is new, it's obviously going quite alright.

June - No Air Conditioners (except baby)
We've done very well on this count.  There was one day since we've started that we've used another air conditioner at home.  Miss F's birthday party was held at our home, and we put in a second air conditioner just for that day.  While I didn't think we needed it at first, I realized we had an 87 year old man and two very pregnant women amongst a house full of people who needed relief from the nearly 90 degree heat.

May - No Microwave
Our microwave is still stowed in a cabinet after two months.  We've used microwaves at other people's houses, but I don't miss mine anymore at all.  We will be giving it to my grandmother, who is moving in with my mom this fall.

April - No Clothes Dryer
Like the microwaves, we've used clothes dryers when not at home.  For example, at the lake, we did not have access to a clothes line.  Miss F's diapers never would have dried at the townhouse without a line.  But we've stuck with this one even though it is very time consuming.  It's been made especially difficult because we've had a very wet summer.  I would like to get a drying rack to keep inside for wet and cold days once we can afford it.

April - No 'Poo or Antiperspirant
This is my favorite project.  I will admit that I catch myself getting a smug sort of satisfaction from this one.  I haven't used any shampoo of any kind (other than baking soda) since April 1st.  I love that I don't have to clip coupons, run out to the store when I run out, or stock pile chemicals.  I will never go back to that old way of life.

March - No Artificial Sweeteners
This project is hard, but I feel it is worthwhile.  Every now and then, I crave a diet soda.  But it's becoming less and less frequent.  I feel healthier, I have seen changes in my weight loss (though it is a bit slow), and I spend less money since I drink more water.

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