Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bad Decision?

I sent out the wedding invitations on Tuesday.  We're almost there!  As the wedding is drawing near, I'm starting to question an early decision we made.

When we first discussed wedding plans, we decided not to register.  I've been on my own for three years, *B* on his own (well, with me) for two plus years, and between the two of us, we have all of the necessities for a home.  It made sense then not to register.  In not registering, we were hoping to avoid that awkward "are we asking for something too nice or something too trivial" debate.  There are things I would like that are too much and somewhat unnecessary (Lenox Bellina China - I can't get enough of it), and some things that are practical but seem inappropriate (I'd love better shelves in our pantry).  Now that my grandparents and aunt are starting to ask about gifts, I'm starting to regret our decision.  Instead of having that worry once, we (I) now worry every time someone asks for gift ideas. And now that we're 84 days out (according to, it seems to close to the date to register.

Another of the unending, untold downsides of being cohabitators...

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  1. I was only engaged for 90 days total, there is still time to registar if you want to.