Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Word of Caution and a Loooong Overdue Post

When we first moved in, my dad warned us about a chunk missing out of our sidewalk.  It's a triangular, about four inches deep and four inches wide.  It actually helps me park my car without going into my neighbor's area.  Well, we've been in the house over a year, and we haven't done anything about it.

I had to put windshield washer fluid in my car on Saturday.  As I went to open the hood of my car, I fell into this crater and slammed the hood on my arm.  This is my arm three days later.  Most of the black is gone, there's still a bit blue, and it's mostly yellow.


So let this be a lesson - do not put off until tomorrow (or next year) what you can do today.  We'll be patching that hole this weekend...

So while I'm talking about home maintenance and taking care of one's self, I took the initiative to turn a night alone into something useful - I finally organized the pantry.

I'm somewhat ashamed at how long it had been since I last cleaned out my pantry.  Because I hadn't cleaned it, I had no idea what we had.  We lost a grocery bag's worth of food.  I know better for next time.  This is what the pantry looks like now:

It's much, much different than it used to be back when we had the blizzard here.


  1. That is a beautiful pantry! I would never have thought to use those fridge soda can organizers for canned food in a pantry. What a great idea!

  2. Thank you :o) I originally got the plastic version, but now Bed, Bath, and Beyond only carried the metal ones - which is fine by me. I want to say they were $6 each, but BB&B always has coupons.