Thursday, September 23, 2010

Simple Pleasure Thursday

I'm in that habit, again, of starting four or five posts and not finishing them. Today, this one will be published.

My simple pleasure for today is being entranced by a blog who reminds me of:
"A world where men were men and women were cherished and lovely.... A world of romance and beauty, of tuxedos and chiffon, a perfect world. "  -The Stepford Wives
Okay, not perfect maybe, but a satisfying world.

I've been reading the archives of Destination 1940.  While the blogger hasn't posted since May, her previous posts are fascinating.  In her experiment, she picked up a period housekeeping manual and a menu planning book.  Week by week, she's been adding more chores to her workload.  As I've been reading through, I've started on some of the suggestions.In some respects, she's got me doing more housework than I've done in a while. 

For example, I've started:
  • opening windows as soon as I wake up
  • pulling back the covers to air out the bed
  • making the bed after my shower
  • tidying up each room I leave (e.g. I took DVDs downstairs with me this morning)
  • doing dishes before they pile up
  • caring about how I do my laundry (I'm ashamed to say that I don't even break it down into darks and lights)
It's my hope that to some extent I can adopt some of the housekeeping strategies that she presents in her blog. Never know - maybe I'll have to stop feeling so guilty that *B* does most of the housework :o)

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