Thursday, May 2, 2013

Anachronistic Living

On Saturday, *B*, Miss F, and I went to a market fair.  This particular market fair was a pre-revolution, colonial-era market fair that seemed to be half reenactment and half actual market.  I was so excited to go that I literally skipped for joy down the road into the market.  I had never been before, but *B* and I love historical reenactments.  It was everything I ever dreamed of and more. 

Baby fashion doesn't change much, so we put Miss F in her renaissance chemise.  We originally had her in a onesie and tights underneath, but it turns out it was a little warm.  We didn't dress up because we figured it'd be strange to be two hundred years off in the other direction, but now we know that a lot of our clothes (mostly *B*'s clothes) would still work.

The items at the market fair were much less expensive than at the renaissance festival that we attend.  I actually bought a full dress from a shop whose owner was retiring.  They were more than accommodating.  It was the third "sutler" that we visited.  I found an outfit that I loved, but I had no idea what was at the other shops.  So they held it for me, with no expectations or attitude, provided that I would come back by the end of the day to tell them if I wanted it or not.  After we bought my dress, *B* bought me a straw hat to go with it since Evie destroyed my old one when it fell off a hook.  It looks a little matronly, but I'm happy with it.

After we bought my dress, we went through the camp.  A lot of people camp for the four days that the fair runs.  There were no Coleman tents here, they were all white canvas or linen.  In front of some of the tents, there were blankets with items on them.  We quickly realized this was their version of a yard sale!  I'm so thankful that we did realize that, because we got some amazing items.  For Miss F, a little girl's dress that was $2.  Two dollars!

This basket backpack originally ran about $65 at the sutler's tent.  We got it for $12 in fine condition.  I can't wait to use it out and about, especially at the renaissance festival this fall.

The last thing we got was something I had always heard of but never seen - a burning lens.  It's just a small concave lens that focuses sunlight to a point.  Aside from it being fun (and possibly useful) for us, we figured it would be good for Miss F when she's older.

Now that we've experienced the market fair, we can't wait until next year.  Fortunately or unfortunately, many of the living history events in our area are Civil War related.  While we love dressing up, war reenactment doesn't suit our needs.  So we're on the lookout for other experiences like this in our area.

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