Monday, May 6, 2013

Our New Project - Life without a Microwave

In March, we gave up artificial sweeteners and most sugar.  In April, I went no 'poo.  In May, we got rid of our microwave.

We haven't really gotten the full weight of this latest change because we were away from home this past weekend.  But the few days we were home, meals took on a whole new meaning.  In general, I made up large batches of food and store them in mason jars.  I even make coffee for me in the morning and leave some for *B* in the fridge for him to warm up when he gets home in the afternoon.

So when I went to warm up some frozen baby food and cold oatmeal for Miss F, I stopped in front of the table that used to house the microwave.  What was I going to do?  That morning, I threw the oatmeal and frozen fruit into a pan with some water and warmed it up.  While not as fast as the 2 minute nuke we usually do, it got the job done.  I wasn't thrilled with having to clean a new pan now.

This morning, I tried a water bath with the cold oatmeal.  I threw a chunk of frozen fruit in the top, submerged the mason jar halfway into water, and set it to boiling.  I was impatient this time, and Miss F got lukewarm oatmeal, which she didn't mind.

Of all the projects we've done so far, I think this is going to be the absolute hardest. It'll require a lot of planning and thinking ahead to prevent a screaming, hungry baby and some cranky, hungry adults.

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