Monday, April 8, 2013

No 'Poo

I had heard about no 'poo from the Weight Watchers message boards of all places.  There are a number of girls on there who follow no 'poo with great success.  For those who don't know what it is, that could sound kind of gross, huh?  No 'poo refers to getting rid of commercial shampoos as we know it.  DH has actually been doing this for years.  When I first found out he doesn't wash his hair, I was admittedly a little grossed out.  But it doesn't ever look greasy, and it doesn't smell at all.

Since I've got a living testimonial to no 'poo in my own house (two if you count Miss F), how could I not try it?  But my hair's always been really greasy.  When I was working, I washed  If I didn't, I worried about how greasy my hair was, whether it actually was or not.  Now that I (mostly) stay at home, I could stretch that to washing every other day.  But when I worked out, which I do four days a week, I absolutely had to wash my hair.

The last time I washed my hair with commercial shampoo was Monday morning.  On Tuesday, I washed after my workout with hot water only.  I was pretty greasy feeling.  It didn't look terrible, but I itched pretty badly.  Wednesday, I washed with a mixture of 1 tablespoon of baking soda in one cup of water.  I put it in a squeeze bottle (below) to make it easier to apply.

And I felt clean!  Just like if I washed with shampoo.  On Thursday, I washed with only water after working out.  It didn't feel as clean as Wednesday, but I was able to go out in public without worrying about what people thought.  Friday and Saturday went the same way - I washed with baking soda Friday, and on Saturday, you couldn't even tell it hadn't been washed when it was up in a ponytail.

One of these two pictures is me having washed with shampoo, and one is having washed with the baking soda mixture.

Can you tell which one is the no 'poo picture?

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