Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life After Soda

Where I grew up, tap water was practically undrinkable.  We lived two minutes from a quarry, which was great for the limestone industry, but terrible for people on well water.  We made a lot of iced tea to disguise the rock taste.  Since my family was perpetually on a diet, it meant that the iced tea had Sweet 'n' Low in it.  As I got older, my family had a fair amount of soda around the house, too.  Because of the perpetual diet, it was always diet soda.  I hate regular soda (with the rare exception of ginger ale on airplanes).

When we got rid of artificial sweeteners starting in March, the vast majority of my drink options disappeared.  As far as cold drinks go, I just had water or the occasional cider or wine.  While I'm getting better about drinking water, it's definitely not my favorite.

Before Miss F was born, I used to make water kefir fairly regularly.  At some point, though, I let my culture die.  After almost two months of water, I decided that I had to buy new grains, even though I'm not a fan of buying things online.  They came yesterday, and here they are!

We still have our Grolsch bottles, so I should be enjoying water kefir soda/juice within the next week!  I can't wait!

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