Thursday, May 16, 2013

Natural Project Progress

A little update on how everything is going:

March - No Artificial Sweeteners
Aside from an occasional Diet Coke craving, I think I've kicked the habit.  It's been two and a half months and I don't really miss it at all.  I wish I would have started earlier.

April - No 'Poo and No Clothes Dryer
No 'poo is going fantastically.  I really love it.  I can easily go 48-72 hours without washing with baking soda, but I'd really like to get to the point where I can easily go 72-96 hours.  Extending the days between washes requires being okay with grease for an extra day.  As my hair gets longer and I can put it up in different styles, I think I'll be able to make that push.

There has only been one time in a month and a half that I missed our clothes dryer.  Other than that, I am happy to no longer use the electricity.  My mom gave us an umbrella-style clothes line, and I used that once under an awning when it was threatening to rain.  I can't wait to get it actually installed in the backyard.  Like many of our changes, it just requires advanced planning to make sure we aren't caught without clean, dry diapers.

May - No Paper Towels and No Microwave
I wasn't sure where to put paper towels because they really started in mid-April.  I've only used paper towels for one project - removing the rust from and oiling my cast iron pans.  I tried using a hand towel, but little bits of towel were scuffing off onto the pan.  I didn't want them baked into the seasoning forever.  So a moderate success.  If they disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn't miss them at all.

It's only been two weeks without a microwave, so I'm still a little surprised when I go to heat something up.  I've changed my habits a little to accommodate the lack of a microwave.  Instead of letting my coffee sit all day and reheating it a few times, I drink it while it's hot the first time.  I heat our morning oatmeal up in a water bath, and while it takes longer, it seems to be doing fine.  I've been leaving a pot of water on the stove just for water baths.  I throw the jar in the water as soon as we come downstairs.  By the time Miss F has been nursed, played a little, and stripped down to feed herself, it's warm enough for her.

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