Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In Search of an Apron

I currently own two aprons.  One is from Ikea.  It's very sturdy, but not very feminine (other than possibly in color).  I like that the neckline adjusts without having to tie and untie the neck.  But there are no pockets, just strange loops.  I can't quite figure out what they're for.

The other is very cheesy-girly.  It's also very thin and not absorbent.  It isn't useful for wiping one's hands off.

I'm looking for an apron, that's understated with a feminine cut, somewhat sturdy, with adequate chest coverage (many aprons are too small for me in that regard).  Every time I see an apron in a store, I put it on, but it's not what I'm going for.  I've patrolled around Google image search for a long time now, but I have yet to find one that is instant love.

What do you look for in an apron?  Do you love your apron?  


  1. I bought an apron from this etsy shop that I love:

    I also have made my own—there are so many cheesy/ugly aprons for sale out there, but there are so many cute patterns!

    This apron pattern probably offers the best coverage everywhere. My mom has worn out several from this pattern:

    (That's a kid's pattern, but there's an adult version out there somewhere as well.)

  2. I do like the first link! They might be the closest yet to what I'm going for, thank you.