Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bleary Day

It's really yucky outside. It's drizzly and cold and gray. My mom was supposed to come over yesterday. We were going to go shopping and paint my bathroom. I had some issues when I tried to paint the bathroom myself, so I needed her expert opinion. Instead, she said she was going to come over early today - 9 am. Well, she called and now she'll be over around 11. By the time she actually gets here, there'll be little time to spend with her.

I miss my mom. When I moved closer to home, she moved farther away. It didn't hit me until I moved, but she's still 45 minutes to 1 hour away from me, just like she used to be. It's hard to get up there to see her, especially since we're both so busy. She'll be coming to Thanksgiving, but she works that night, so she's got to leave really early.

I'm hopeful we'll get to spend some time together.

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