Friday, November 20, 2009

My Amazing Boyfriend

I have an amazing boyfriend. It's true. He is, by far, the best thing that's ever happened to me. No matter what crazy thing I do, he's here for me. He bears the brunt of my texts when I'm down at work. He cooks, cleans, does the dishes, and does the laundry. He lavishes attention and love on me even when I feel like I don't deserve it. He tells me I'm pretty, and he brings me flowers. He's patient, laid back, and generous. He writes cute things on our chalkboard.

The plutonium comes from the fact that we've seen the Back to the Future movies 15 times in the last two months.

The quote is from a Pogues song that he sang to me our first New Year's together while dancing at midnight.

On that note, every New Year, he puts on Auld Lang Syne and a Pogues song and slow dances with me, no matter who's around. Last year, we were in his parents' kitchen while a whole lot of people were just standing around talking.

I am one lucky girl - I would be totally lost without him.

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