Sunday, November 1, 2009

Having Problems

The other day I must have been really stupid. Even though I even wrote that one should never quit their meds cold, I stopped taking my Prestiq and didn't start the Xanax. At first I was really hyper, then I got very angry, then very sad. My mom's a nurse, and she told me to take the Xanax. So I started yesterday. It has not helped in the least. I've been freaking out about health problems that don't exist, just like I used to. I've been having chest twinges, and I think I'm losing my vision. I think I have either cancer or a brain aneurysm ready to burst. My temperature tonight was 97.9F, and so I covered up under blankets until I reached 98.4F. I was dizzy all day and almost fell asleep driving home. I'm glad I didn't drink at all today, because my mom just called and said it can cause blackouts. I've been nauseous, and I haven't eaten anything substantive for breakfast or dinner. I know that I am really dehydrated. My kidneys hurt, and I'm pretty sure I'm diabetic, though all tests I've ever done have come out negative.

There was one good thing that happened today, and it was a big one. Every year my family goes to the oyster roast in my town. Though my father hasn't spoken to his parents in over a year, he apparently invited them. I guess the incident where they met at my housewarming party (and I'm sure my mom's intervention) prompted him to change this. Everyone got along well, considering the situation, and it allows me to invite them to Thanksgiving at my house. I'm very happy to not be stuck in the middle anymore.

It was awkward, though, when my grandmother asked when we're getting married, because they want to take a trip to Alaska. We're not even engaged. Apparently, all the things I had told my mom, just pipe-dreams really, she passed on. They're under the impression/illusion that we're getting married this summer. That is very, very unlikely. And besides, who asks that kind of question? When I get engaged, they'll be some of the first to know. Until then, hold your horses, ya know?

Our pumpkins turned out pretty well:
*B*'s Pumpkin
My Pumpkin

And because she's so adorable, my cat Wicket:

Hey Guys, how's it goin'?

This is my Halloween costume: evil cat.

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