Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bad Day in My World

I've been really off lately. You may have noticed. Today, I decided to talk to my community co-moderator (homeroom co-teacher), who happens to be a guidance counselor with a doctorate in psychology. I explained that I've been really depressed and I'm on these anxiety meds. She told me I had to call a doctor right away and to go see a medicating psychologist. She took my class for ten minutes so that I could call them. It's a good thing, because I couldn't hold it together and finally broke into tears in the middle of the science teachers' office. My resource teacher (boss-ish) happened to be looking up my schedule at the time so that he could spontaneously observe my teaching. He was very good about postponing it, especially considering in what condition I was. I ended up leaving a period early and going home.

When I called, the doctor prescribed me Xanax, but I'm not sure if I want to take it. He wasn't my regular doctor. When I called, I talked to a receptionist who put me on with a nurse. They called me back after 3rd period, and whoever was on the phone didn't even know I was on another medication. She told me to just stop taking what I was on and start the other one. Everything I've ever heard said NEVER stop your medication cold. You have to be weaned off. I've got an appointment with a psychologist on next Thursday, so I'm hoping to get it cleared up by then.

I'm starting to use more interesting techniques in my teaching. Aside from today's class, which was not very good, I've been very creative lately. Tomorrow, I'm showing pieces of the Magic School Bus: Plays Ball. In this episode, the kids play baseball on a frictionless field. I think it really illustrates Newton's Law of Inertia. When *B* and I went to the library tonight to pick it up, he got School of Rock. I've never seen it (yes, *gasp*), so he put it on while I was working on my homework. Wouldn't you know it, there's a perfect song for our universal gravitation chapter. I'm glad to be using multiple learning strategies to help my kids out. My Algebra II kids will be making their own videos of skills we've learned so far for a quarter 2 project. I'm very scared about it, but I'm modeling the project off of At least I know who to call if it doesn't work out!

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  1. :( Sorry it;s been hard lately. I hope you get things worked out soon.