Sunday, October 18, 2009

Long, Long Weekend

My best friend was in from Oklahoma on Friday night. I have not seen her in a little less than two years. We stayed out until all hours of the night, and she came over and slept over. Saturday morning, I had class, so I woke up early and freaked out about not doing my homework. Yes, I know I'm a school teacher and I should know better, but it's a human practice not to do one's homework I think. I woke her up at 7 AM and hustled us out the door by 7:30, homework left to be polished. I grabbed some awful McD's breakfast on the go and shoveled it down my throat as I flew to my class. The roads were wet, and I had a couple of close calls with people slamming on their brakes in front of me. But I made it to school, and ran to the IT building to print off my paper. I thought to my self there aren't that many cars or people here. I checked my syllabus and sure enough, no class that day. What a waste of a Saturday morning with an old friend. I ended up hanging out with my dad though, which was a good thing.

This morning, I had to get up early to go to work. It's our annual open house, and I had to be there for the science department and to promote our environmental club. The officers of our club were to (wo)man the SAVE table while I did my teacher duty. It turned out NHS swooped in and recruited all my officers to give tours instead. So I had a hectic time running around trying to staff my table. While I talked to a number of people about the science department, only SIX people came by our club. And one of them, I will not soon forget. This lady was not nice! She asked me, in a very uncivilized tone, "what do you know about renewable energy?" She incinuated that I had no idea what I was doing, and asked "Will (school) ever hire someone who knows about renewable energy?" It felt to me that she was saying I don't know anything and when will they get someone who will. Never mind the facts that a) the club is student run and I just make sure they don't kill anyone, b) I teach physics, not environmental science, and c) her child looked like a shell shocked zombie because her mother was alienating everyone around. Who treats another human being like that, calling them out for no reason?

On my way home, though, I made up for it by taking pictures of the gorgeous fall day:

I made a homemade chocolate pie for *B* today. He had been looking forward to it for the last week, and I had just never gotten around to it. I think it came out wonderfully:

Mmmmm, pie....

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