Thursday, October 8, 2009


So I canned the rest of my applesauce tonight. *B* is sleeping upstairs, and I was pulling the top off of the pressure canner that I used for a water bath. The steam burned my arms, and I threw the very heavy top about 10 feet across the kitchen. I'm okay, but I will definitely have pot holders the next time I use that thing.

While waiting for the applesauce, I seeded two pomegranates. I LOVE pomegranates. The only problem is that if I eat it while peeling, it lasts longer than if I seed it first. Somehow, if I have seeds of two in tupperware, it takes much less time to eat the pomegranates. I might get more pomegranates the next time and try to freeze the seeds. I looked up how to can them, but I haven't found anything yet.

*B* has been absolutely amazing. He has done so much work around the house lately - the dishes, assembling/installing furniture, decorating. I'm really lucky to have him. I'm hoping that by Sunday, all will right itself and I don't have to stress so much anymore.

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