Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Night Classes Affecting My Day Job

Even though I'm a teacher, and I spend more than 8 hours at school a day, I'm taking two classes this semester. One is on Saturdays, and I liked it before our teacher quit. The new teacher is just no fun. The other started today.

One of the things I've seen a few times in my education classes (different versions) was this video. It's really thought provoking.

This is the first version I saw, and it's my favorite:

This is the updated version. Check it out:

I am just amazed.

It's amazing to think about all of these things that kids know and do that we don't use in our classroom. I was really thrilled when I saw one of the bloggers I read often using her blog as a teaching tool. It's a great post from Mrs. Pear at Home. If I could have kids use facebook, blogs, their cell phones, I would get much more interesting answers.

Ideally, I want to come up with a project for my Algebra II kids where they can choose to create something that illustrates a concept they learned in my class. I would kill for someone to make a viral video. Well, not kill, but I would scream. How can I get my kids to come up with creative projects? My biggest problem - my own ignorance. While I'm by no means technologically inept, I am not a master of photoshop/videography. I'm afraid that if I push them to do something that I don't know how to do, they'll fall flat. I've found this blog, and hopefully I can use that and other teachers' expertise to make a project a reality by the end of the year.

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