Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Canning Attempt #1 and the Distinct Sound of Glass

I decided that I was going to jump into canning with both feet using the applesauce I made yesterday. I brought my supplies up from downstairs. I recognize that it was my fault I put my jars in bags to get them from my mom's to my house. I also recognize that I was the one who put one of those bags on the edge of the couch. When my cat sniffed at the bag, I heard the distinct sound of glass hitting the floor. I broke a glass or two out of the bunch. But I went on to can the applesauce I had.

I canned 1 quart, 2 half quarts, and 3 little jars. When I first pulled them out of the water bath, one top was clicky, and the rest were hard. I've heard popping noises, and now they are all tight. I'm really hoping it works out well. I had picked up a box of lids from Wal-mart, but I didn't know if they'd fit, so I didn't get them. I have a third of a batch of applesauce that still needs to be canned now. I need to learn what the sizes are, which are wide mouth and which aren't, and inventory my stock of jars so that I can keep on keeping on.

For our third FHE, which was on our 1 year 11 month anniversary, *B* and I collected firewood to have a tiny fire at our party this weekend. We stopped at a place I see everyday on my commute where the trees are gorgeous. They are just starting to turn. I love my drive into and home from work every day now. It's a shame that the changing colors only last two weeks or so, but I think that it's the scarcity of their beauty that makes them so desired. I will definitely be taking my camera to work from now on, hoping to get some good shots in.