Sunday, October 25, 2009

Need to Get Out of this Rut

This morning, I got some of my homework back from my teacher, and I did really poorly. She offered the opportunity to redo it, but I was very upset nonetheless. The assignments we've been given have nothing to do with what we're learning in class. The first assignment was to write about a lab we've done in the past. Our second assignment was to send in a form with our previous classes and our GPA. We get graded on how good our GPA was in college! So if you're a changed person, too bad. I decided not to go to Ren Fest today because of the class. On the way home, I got stuck in traffic, not moving for one whole hour. It took me two hours to make a 45 minute drive.

That all being said, I need to learn to be less negative. I'm frustrated by the class, but it's my fault for not being more careful with my assignments. I was annoyed by the traffic, but at least I wasn't the one whose car was obliterated. I've been in a cycle of unhappiness and illness, sloth and gluttony. I've been eating (for the most part) total crap, I feel tired and unmotivated to do anything, I get depressed, I eat more junk, I feel worse, I get more depressed. I'm not sure what is causing which. But I've got to change something. I went to a party tonight because I said I'd be there, but I only stayed two hours, and really didn't have a whole lot of fun.

There are things I need to do to feel less anxious: get my assignments done, finish grading, clean the house. *B* cleaned the kitchen for the most part today, so some of my duties are out of the way. I need to put laundry away, vacuum, mop, and organize. I have three assignments due ASAP because they need to be redone or were supposed to be turned in today. All my grading is at school, so I can't do that this weekend.

Tomorrow is the last day of Ren Fest, so I should go, but I honestly don't feel like it. *B* really wants to go though, so I'll go. I'm to the point where I'm hoping that I get sick so that I can stay home from school. Sad, isn't it?

Any ideas on getting out of this rut I'm in? I'll take all suggestions. I'm dreading the week ahead already, and the weekend isn't even over. How can a girl get some rejuvenation and peace of mind?


  1. When I get in a rut like that, I like a break plus some planning time. It always makes me feel better.

  2. I wish I could take a break. Being a school teacher, breaks are scheduled for us. Long summer is good, but I'd give it all up for movable vacation days. This taking classes during school thing is really a pain, because it takes away my weekends :(