Monday, October 26, 2009

So Disheartened

My grades are due tomorrow morning. I was finishing up all of my grading tonight, and I've hit a sad road block. In all of my classes but one, my kids did really well. In my last class, they were awful! The average is about a 68%. I had two kids who decided not to show up to take the last test that they missed for junior retreat. The kids don't seem to be taking the class seriously. They don't come in to see me when they need help, they mess around in class, they bomb tests without a second thought. It seems like a general trend. I don't know if it's just my school, or all kids now a days. But then again, I was always an honors student, so maybe the regulars have been like this for a while. It just seems to me that our society emphasizes a lack of personal responsibility. You forgot to get the digital TV box? We'll change the switch over date. You tank your company? We'll give you lots of money to bail you out. Is it just me, or does anyone else see this degradation of our fundamentals?

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