Friday, October 9, 2009

Party Time!

Tomorrow's the housewarming party! We've been super busy getting ready. I've made four batches of chili (the leftovers to be canned) and two batches of cornbread so far. My mom is making crab balls, crab dip, and cheese bread. My grandmother is making deviled eggs. *B* is bringing home a veggie platter and some desserts from work, and his mom is bringing brownies. I think that we'll have a good time. I'm a teensy bit worried that practically no one will show up, but such is life.

I volunteered to proctor the SATs tomorrow. It seemed like a good idea, at the time, to make $100 for four hours worth of work and have time to grade at one shot. But now, I'm worried I won't make it to my own party on time! But I promised, so I'll be there. Everything's just about ready here, so I'm not TOO worried.

Our cat, Wicket, loves to sit in the window. In the past, we've had large window sills that she can sit on. In our new house, our sills are tiny. Our chubby little cat fell through the window screen (on the first floor, thank God), right into our front garden. Thankfully, *B* was quick on his feet and grabbed her before she ran. But now we have to fix yet another window screen. Eventually, things will calm down here, just not in the foreseeable future.

We've decided that having a portable antenna is just too much of a hassle. We connected my old desktop computer to the TV, and we can watch shows using Hulu. Right now, we're watching the Back to the Future trilogy. It's comforting background noise, but doesn't suck you in like regular TV.

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