Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Midterm Elections

I voted today.  I don't think I've ever not voted as long as I've been able, including a primary when I was 17.  Sometimes its been a total pain in the butt to drive to the polling station (like when I was in college), but I've never regretted it.  It's a civic duty.  I'm a strong believer in "you shouldn't complain if you didn't vote."

I realized two things about myself with respect to politics today.

1)  If someone took the money that they were to put toward campaign spending and put it to the deficit rather than running ads, I would probably vote for them.  I'm really over all of the negative ads and sniping. 

2)  Voting for someone does not make someone one party or the other.  One votes for someone because one thinks they will be the best choice for the county/state/country now, not necessarily because they're a perfect match for one's personality.  Their affiliation should not be the first thing one looks for, nor should there be guilt just for aisle jumping.  I can safely say that I voted for people because they were the best option in my opinion, not because of the party affiliation.

Not a sermon, just a thought :o)

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