Thursday, November 11, 2010

Awesome Day

It is 10 am, and it's already turned out to be an awesome day.  So far this morning, I've done so much.  I've gotten chickpeas soaking for homemade hummus tonight.  It'll be our first crack at homemade hummus, and I'm very excited.

After they started soaking, I cleaned out our kitchen pantry.  It was so gross.  We never use it, mostly because it's so inconvenient.  When I originally saw the design, I was excited.  Now I know that it's not so good because things tend to hide.  I had to throw out a number of items that had gone bad simply because we couldn't see them.  One thing in particular, was my McCann's oatmeal.  I had eaten all the steel cut oats, but because it was such a nifty tin, I threw some regular oats in there.  Somehow, somewhere, little brown bugs got in there.  I opened the sealed can, and it was swarming.  I'm still twitching just thinking about them.  But I scoured the rest of the pantry, went through the sealed bags, and didn't see other signs of infestation.  I'm hoping (though it grosses me out) that they came with the oats.

While I was cleaning though, it turned out I had sealed, bug-free granola makings in that pantry.  So I used my pumpkin spice recipe (found here) and made a whole 9 x 13 pan of granola.  Yum!

The reason I'm able to do all this today?  I have a dentist appointment.  I hate the dentist.  I was traumatized as a child by a dentist.  When I was about 8, he threatened to tie my teeth to the bumper of his truck and rip them out.  My mom thought he was funny, so we stayed until I was 14 or so.  Though I got Novocaine when I had fillings done, I always felt everything.  It wasn't until I had work done by a different dentist that I realized Novocaine makes it so that you don't feel the pain.  To top off the dentist trauma, I had 8 teeth pulled at the same time when I was 10 years old.  I get so riled up, that I end up taking off a whole day just for a 45 minute appointment.

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