Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Growing Garden

My garden has really taken off now. The squash and tomatoes are a wee bit yellow, and the lettuce badly needs to be harvested. But overall, it looks amazing given that this is my first ever garden.
Lovely, lovely lettuce. Some has already been harvested. Yum! The snow peas behind it are getting HUGE! I should have made the trellises bigger.

My lima beans are still tiny, but my regular peas are doing well, as are my carrots and parsnips in the closer bed. I let my salad mix go to seed, but I'm okay with that.

The peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, and patty pan squash are doing really well. I've got a ton of tomatoes there - Beefsteak and Roma.

Look at these potatoes! They were just rotten potatoes at the bottom of the bag from dinner one night that I cut up and threw in a bucket! Who knew...

Something's been eating my sunflowers, but they keep shooting out new leaves defiantly.

Look at this gorgeous asparagus! Six of eight root balls have put out shoots. I'm very optimistic about them.

Here, we've got Indian false strawberries (native/wild) and a random pea plant I tossed against the fence when I had no more room. It's doing well :o)

I have lovely sweet pea flowers.

Isn't *B*'s compost pile great??

I love this view of the backyard. *B* got the barrel for $10 at a local orchard. I hope the peach trees put out leaves soon.

My blackberry has finally started putting out good, new growth.

My chives and rosemary are going nuts. I've been doing lots of research on preserving them for the winter.

Here, I have lavender, English thyme, and lettuce that I had pulled out, roots and all. I threw it back into a pot and it's starting to grow new leaves.

Here I have the cilantro and parsley that I kind of forgot about. Oops!

This is my basil and (I think) parsley doing really well.

This will be lovely lettuce for a summer hostess gift.

We found this (chocolate?) mint plant at an organic store. I love it.

My mom had let her green onions (scallions) go too big, so we through them in our backyard.

Does anyone want some lettuce? I've got a ton!

These are more random plants that I started as seeds and have kind of forgot about. I've been giving them away left and right.
My bulbs - onions, shallots, and garlic.

My mint plant is getting eaten by the aphids. While I haven't taken care of it as I should, it seems to be doing alright.

So that's what's going on here garden-wise. We've harvested two bunches of lettuce and four strawberries this year. I'm looking forward to the rest coming here shortly!


  1. Wow! Is this really your first garden? Looks GREAT!.
    I'd enjoy hearing what you've learned from your research about preserving (drying?) herbs for the winter.

    Visiting from Tuesday Garden Party

  2. Wow, what a great garden, especially for your first one. This is my second year and I decided to save room in the beds and put most of my herbs in pots. So far it has worked out well. Basil and rosemary are the only herbs I planted in the garden this year.

    Visiting from Tuesday Garden Party

  3. It really is my first garden. I've been afraid that the crops won't last us through summer, but I got over it. Since I've never done it before, it's an experiment, and I'll know better next year.

    Sarah - I will post on it as soon as I have something definitive.

  4. Super fun, bravo! It is so exciting to see what you are doing in your first garden... I must say you have tackled a lot! It all looks terrific... can't wait to watch it grow on Jami's garden tour.

    Your hostas are absolutely gorgeous!! Also, isn't it the way that the seeds/plants you do willy nilly seem to do the best?? Can't figure that one out.

  5. I'd love to have you for a neighbor if you're giving away seedlings left and right. :-) You seem to have a good touch with the seed-starting.

    Thanks for linking with the Tuesday Garden Party!