Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rocket Days!

We have now come to the part of the year that I love the most. It is rocket time here at my school. My physics classes will be building rockets, predicting the height of a flight given an engine and a payload, and comparing their actual maximum height (using an altimeter) to their predictions. We might even be able to watch a movie in class, October Sky. That movie was the first date I ever went on - yes, I'm a geek. We're not allowed to show it at one go, but we might break it up over two or three days. Over the next two weeks, if the weather is good, I'll post pictures or maybe even video of the launchings (sans students, of course).

Everything else is winding down, and I'm getting kind of nervous. I have less than a month left to find a summer job. I've applied at two places (Sylvan Learning Center and my local library) and have not heard anything from either. I'm very much hoping to get the library job. I could walk to work, and it would be a well paying temporary position in the children's section.

We are, of course, still waiting to hear on *B*'s chances at the job at my school. When I talked with him about the questions they asked and the answers he gave, they all seemed right on target. I'm still praying very hard that he does indeed get the position.

I haven't had much sleep in the last few days. I keep going to bed around 12-1 am and getting up at 6 am. Talk about burning the candles at both ends. I have really been going nuts researching my family. In some respects, I've found a huge wealth of knowledge out there on the web. In others, I've got nothing. I really need to just put it down for a week or two and start up again later. Interesting factoid - one of my family members married a woman who died giving birth to their first child, a son. He then married her daughter (his stepdaughter) who had a few children then also died in childbirth. Then he died at sea, leaving everyone orphaned.

I have neglected my garden just a tad because of all of the rain or activity going on lately. I really need to keep on top of it. The lettuce looks like it's ready to harvest here shortly. I believe that the frostbitten lettuce that I pulled out at the beginning of the year is starting to grow again, so we can transplant that right back on in.

Birding is going well. I've discovered another species eating the suet on our back deck. While this is not my picture, we have a few grey catbirds roaming around the yard.

Picture from Memories of Chapel Hill

All in all, it's proving to be a crazy, but happy time right now. I am hopeful all will continue to go well.

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