Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Week of Classes!

I'm sorry if I've been sporadic for the last week or two. It's the last week of classes! I have my kids for three days this week, graduation Thursday, off until next Wednesday, then three days of exams and they're gone for the summer. We get out on June 9th. I can't believe how quickly this year has flown. I'm just about finished my second year of teaching.

Bring on the anxiety. Yes, summer is quickly becoming my biggest source of worry for two reasons. 1) I haven't signed my contract yet. I'm 99.95% sure I'm being hired back next year. But I still worry about it. 2) I haven't found a summer job yet. I've applied at least three places, with two being places I've actively been calling. They keep saying they'll let me know either way, but I never hear anything. I called one of the two places just this afternoon, and they told me they don't have my resume! Great. Worse comes to worse, I'm applying at every small business in town starting June 10th.

Speaking of jobs and anxiety, *B* did not get the job at my school. I was sad, but I know that it was for the best. The lady coming in is immensely qualified for the job.

I'm going to try to quit my anxiety meds this summer (with my doctor's help). I really hate the side effects. I'm hopeful that, with a therapist, I can get over everything I need help with.

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