Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Home Evening

Reading about other people's family home evenings make me yearn for a family of my own. I have a great boyfriend, but the sooner he proposes, the better ;o) I have steady employment, and I am working on having a long-term place to live, but the family aspect still alludes me. It has been a little over a year since my parents separated. While they are much happier being apart, it really destroyed my sense of belonging. Even before they split, they renovated my childhood home and essentially doubled the size, but destroyed the physical attachment I had to the house and many of the memories it held in the process. So as I stop moping and get to my original point - do people have family home evenings if there are only two of you in the family?? Is it possible to call two people a family?

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  1. Yes, for sure! We had family home evenings before Red Chief came along, and they were great for our relationship. We also still try to do simple, informal things together as a couple in addition to family home evening, such as reading books out loud together and playing games.