Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So Excited!

School has been great for the last two days!! All of my kids from last year are so chipper and happy to see me. It feels really good. I've been planning my lessons well in advance, and I've had very few problems. Though tomorrow is only day three, I think it will be a very good year. I've learned almost all of my students' names already (~100) and they have all behaved very well. I don't expect too much trouble out of Catholic school kids (lest they be kicked out), but they can be pretty talkative at times.

We stocked up a little more today. I've been concerned, what with the H1N1 virus and my exposure to 1300 people in one building every day, about procuring some N95 masks. As it turns out, when *B* went exploring with a friend at a local abandoned sanitarium, his friend brought those masks to protect from asbestos. So we found out that they have the masks in the paint/tape section of Wal-mart for much less than I've seen online. We got four masks with respirator valves, and a 10 pack of masks without the valve. The only difference is that the valved masks don't get as hot as the others. This is what the masks without the valve look like:
My school gave me a regular surgical mask as part of a blood pathogen kit that I keep in my desk at work, so I threw one mask (sealed) in my car kit, and the rest in our 72-hour kits. While in the paint aisle, we picked up duct tape and plastic sheeting. The sheeting is for ground cover under sleeping bags, not for sealing off the windows. I'm not that crazy! *B* gave me the gift of an over-sized towel that can double as a blanket for my car. We're well on the way to being prepared!

As for the house, no news yet. I'm pushing for a fast closing, but it's all up to the bank on the seller's end. Here's hoping it all works out.

Renn fest starts this weekend! As always, I will be dressed to the nines. Could I actually post a picture of us dressed up? We'll see :o)

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  1. Good job learning all those names! That was always the hardest part for me.

    I hope you'll show us your costumes. :)