Sunday, August 2, 2009

Preparedness: Because You Never Know What Can Happen

I've been thinking a lot about preparedness today. I was given 50 rounds of 38 special ammo that had belonged to a neighbor who passed on. The ammo issue is a bother to me. I have far less than I'd prefer to have at this point, and I have no good storage situation. My revolver is not the best thing to carry if there is some form of issue in the future. I'm sure I'll have a hard time reloading if I'm staring down a bear. My dad keeps telling me I need a rifle, but I can't afford it right now.

I've been really lax about my 72 hour kit. I could easily stock up my kit with $100. I keep getting cash in small denominations for my car kit, but I keep spending it before I'm able to put it away. I'm stalled at the types of clothes to pack and the needs for a first aid kit. I threw in some Advil, Benedryl, and Dramamine that I picked up the other day from CVS. But I have no band-aids, gauze, Tylenol, or anything else. I really need to step it up and get some N95 masks considering we're so close to Washington DC.

*B* and I have discussed getting shelving from Ikea. We really love the Gorm system:
It would be good storage for our three month food supply. So our three month supply comes with a wine rack, what of it? :o) It would be a luxury, but a rather inexpensive one considering it's $30 a section. One day... maybe soon??

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