Friday, January 8, 2010

72 Hour Kit

I was making coffee yesterday and thought of something brilliant. I was reading a few months ago that every 72 hour kit should have a barter/charity pouch. Things like coffee, feminine products, cigarettes. Basically, if there is an emergency, you can use comfort items to get what you want or help out others. The Starbucks Via coffee would be perfect for this. It's good instant coffee, and comes in individual serving packets. It's super light, too. The stuff I have is good until August 2010, which is outside of the 6 month pack rotation. That way, you can keep it in the pack for the 6 months, then pull it out and use it up. I got the Costco size box of it for Christmas, so I'm definitely putting some in mine and *B*'s packs!


  1. That is a great idea, how nice would that be to have when all other comforts are gone. We don't drink coffee, but I could do the same thing with hot cocoa.

  2. I lost you e-mail address so I answered your raw milk question in the comment section of the butter mold post. :D