Friday, January 15, 2010

Worried About My Baby

My first cat, Wicket, has developed a knack for getting into the trash can over the past few months. Right after Thanksgiving, she got some turkey scraps. Soon after that, she got some pork that had gone bad, and Wednesday was the worst of all. I made a turkey breast that was wrapped in an elastic netting. I forgot to take the netting off before I cooked it, so when I took it off after, some turkey came with it. It got thrown away, no big deal. The next morning, it was a part of some vomit I found in the shower. It looked like almost all of it was there, so I was a little worried but not too bad. This morning, Wicket ate voraciously, threw up, then started eating again. She never throws up! I was thankful that I was home when it happened so that a) I could clean it up right away and b) I knew which cat did it. There was a little piece of string in it, so I know Wicket was the one that ate the turkey, not that I had doubts. It looks like we'll be going to the vet today. I really can't afford it, but I don't want my baby cat to die. Please pray for us that she will be well and the vet will not be too expensive.

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