Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday for My Mommy

My mommy turned the big 5-0 yesterday. I made a turkey roast, and my brother came over with his girlfriend to make asparagus risotto. It started to snow around noon, but it didn't look too bad. By the time my mom and dad left my dad's house, the roads were impassable. After cooking all this food, my parents couldn't make it down here. My poor mommy spent her birthday trying to get to work without spinning out.

Instead, they came down this morning and we all went out to breakfast. It was a pretty good time. We tracked down a Wii Fit for her. She was so happy. She also took home a whole cake that I made - lemon with chocolate icing. Everyone always thinks it's gross until they actually try it.

Tonight, since we ate 2/3 of the turkey roast last night, I will be making turkey pot pie again. It is oh-so-delicious.

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