Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We think we've got a place for a reception! It's gorgeous and fully decorated:

It used to be an old train station, and it sits right next to the tracks and a river. The price is much less than other places, and includes all food - even the cake! It's gotten rave reviews for the past few years for its food. I've been there twice and really liked it. I can't believe I was skeptical that I'd like it as a reception place. And, with 100 people, we get the whole restaurant to ourselves.

I asked a friend from grad school who was a former professional photographer to do our wedding and he said yes! That helps SO much. On top of that, my mom is friends with a woman at work whose son I knew in school who does flowers on the side. My mom said she'll pick up the tab for it, too. All we need is a church (which should be taken care of tomorrow) and a DJ! After that, it's up to us to get clothing and bands and we're pretty much done.

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