Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a Headache

I went to the gym today. I didn't feel like going, but I forced myself to just go anyway. I ended up staying for almost an hour and a half. It felt good.

My mom was sitting at my house when I got home. We went to visit one wedding venue, peek at another, and try on wedding dresses.

The first venue we went to was pretty. I loved the upstairs, which was where dinner would be served, but was not a big fan of where most of the party would take place. When we sat down with the woman who gave us the tour, she printed up an itemized bill. Not including flowers, photography, an officiant, a DJ, or a cake, it was $7000! And I wasn't asking for a lot. The rental fee was one of the lowest for this area at $1050, but food and drinks were astronomical. The worst part - the cost of food per person is comparable to other places around here.

The second place we went to was my front runner. It's a gorgeous converted Amish barn at a winery we like a lot. We have an appointment to talk about costs and needs. The biggest difference between the two is that we can bring our own food to the winery. We weren't allowed to do that at the first place. We'll see what happens.

My mom and I decided to go to David's Bridal - a 45 minute drive - to take a look at dresses. We got there an hour and a half before they closed. When we got there, a lady told us we were welcome to go through dresses, but she would just look through the catalog if she were me. We found three dresses I really liked. When I asked about trying them on, they said I couldn't try them on without an appointment! We drove for an hour and a half total just to go there and look for 10 minutes. I had already seen the dresses online. It wasn't like I didn't know what they had there. Ugh, so frustrating.

My mom and I decided that it would be best if I started looking for dresses in the summer. That way, I'd have a chance to see the effects of my workouts a little more. It'd be awful to buy a dress now that doesn't fit me in six months. At least, that's how I'm hoping it will turn out.

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