Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Massive To Do List

I have a to do list.  Or two.  Or three.  Okay, really, I have many, many to do lists.  When condensed, it seems like an insurmountable monster.  Broken down, not so bad.  So here it goes:

- buy travel insurance (way late!)
- get engagement ring fixed (really worried about this)
- buy shoes
- schedule hair appointments
- decide on a wedding cake
- sign the catering contract
- email the florist (again!)
- email the priest
- email the musician
- make sure the girls got dresses
- make sure the flower girl didn't already grow out of her dress (it's close)
- finish and mail invitations
- pay for everything

- finish recommendations (due today!)
- plan for next week
- revamp a test
- plan for Thursday night's upperclassmen back-to-school night
- email my "student teaching" coordinator
- plan "student teaching" lessons

- finish mountain of laundry (half-way done!)
- mow the lawn
- tend the garden
- do something with the tomatoes
- clean out the fridge
- clean the office
- fix the computer
- clean the kitchen (especially the floors)
- change out the tablecloths (why I can't seem to do this is beyond me)
- check on my prescription
- organize the pantry
- write a long overdue post about the pantry
- balance the budget
- vacuum the house
- make some freeze ahead dinners
- get Dad to fix fridge
- try to schedule some relaxation time

I'm pooped just thinking about this list!


  1. Wow, that's a long list. I'm impressed!


  2. Oh my gosh, woman! Make sure to take your vitamins!

  3. Will do, LeAnn :o) At this point, I'm just trying to finish things as fast as they're added to the list so that I don't have a net gain in responsibilities!